About me. Derm.

My full name is Dermot.  I once considered reversing it so I could be named “Tom Red”.  Ultimately, I settled on Derm which keeps its roots while becoming relaxed in nature.

I have a job in Scotland, working on business and climate change.  I have a passion for and graduate schooling in whole-systems sustainability from Sweden.  And I try to keep my hand on the sustainability pulse through vigorous reading and a number of side-projects with friends and peers.

I’ve written reports on water, on true costing of food and natural resources, responsible investing, and on global organizational networks.

I love hill running, probably because I left all the powder skiing back in British Columbia.  I also love seeing things grow and looking at something familiar with new eyes.

I think I could live happily for a year on pizza and nachos, although I’d prefer to not find out.

I believe wild animals have a message for us, and it may be something to do with the fact that they’ve been getting a bum deal on this planet lately. 

When I was little I believed that there was someone special out there for each and everyone of us. I still believe that.

I know world is a complex place, and feel that open and honest communication is probably one of the few sure ways to lead us to success.


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