Water water, not everywhere

Quality WaterI recently co-wrote a report on global water insecurity.  Second only to air, water is a topic that reaches every human being as one of our most basic sustenance needs.   Like many, I’m a little worried about our global water situation, with increasing climatatic change, a bulging population, and changing demographics, finding quality water is becoming harder and harder for people. 

The paper was accepted by Kyoto Publishing to be part of the third volume of the Sustainable Enterprise Report.  Much of the material it contains was inspired by a larger private report I wrote for the Ethical Corporation Research Institute in the fall of 2008. 

 It’s a satisfying thing to be published, and more so when you are able to share the experience.  My co-writer, Maura Dilley, is someone whom I admire very much, and I know this piece of writing is better because of her.  The water report was our second written collaboration together, our first piece, Oil or Energy?, explored the renewable energy potential for the United States if the same amount of money was invested in it as has been paid into fighting the war in Iraq.


About derm

I have a job in Scotland, working on business and climate change. With a passion for and graduate schooling in whole-systems sustainability from Sweden, I try to keep my hand on the pulse of the sustainability world through various side-projects with friends and peers. I've written reports on water, on true costing of food and natural resources, responsible investing, and on global organizational networks. I love hill running, probably because I left all the powder skiing back in British Columbia. I also love seeing things grow and looking at something familiar with new eyes. I think I could live happily for a year on pizza and nachos, although I'd prefer to not find out. I believe wild animals have a message for us, and it may be something to do with the fact that they've been getting a bum deal on this planet lately. When I was little I believed that there was someone special out there for each and everyone of us. I still believe that. I know world is a complex place, and feel that open and honest communication is probably one of the few sure ways to lead us to success.
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